Friday, October 5, 2012


I have lots to share.
I have no time to share it.
And that's ok.
That's one of the big things I've learnt this year (the hardest year of my life in SO many ways).
Seasons come and go.
This season is one in which I have little time for me, have more demands on my time and energy than ever, have days that are filled with challenge after challenge (and joy after joy too) and that is ok.
Yah is with me.
There is nothing too hard for Him.
He daily shows me a way to get through, even when it's dark and I'm wandering around with my hands stretched out in front of me trying to feel my way through.

My dear friend Michelle wrote this post recently on her blog and I thought I would post the link to it HERE.

In the weeks coming, I'd like to post about how we celebrated Day of Atonement and Tabernacles, how my sister came and visited and how the next day her lovely partner Fabs proposed to her. I'd love to share about how our dear friends (with whom we celebrate the feasts and you would have seen on here Ben and Jas) had to bury their father this week after he passed away in the night and how sad and yet joyful the time has been. I'd like time to post about our gluten free life (Leah!!!) and how it has helped Liji in particular, about the bio-medical specialist we've been seeing and some of the other changes we've been undertaking to battle yeast-overgrowth. I want to share pictures of our learning experiences lately, what's happening with the reno on the house and about changes I've personally made and how I've lost 11kg's now. We've had 3 family birthdays and I'd love to share about them too. I want to post more heart reflections about our life together.

And maybe down the track I'll get some time too.
And maybe I won't.

And that's ok.
I am living where I am right now with Yeshua by my side helping me tenderly as I walk through life's up and downs and that on its on is an incredible blessing.

More another time.
Love Lus x


Sumara B said...

Love you Lus. xoxo.

Tara said...

It is SO okay!


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