Sunday, October 7, 2012

Update on the Reno....The Archway is No More!

So when we bought the house, you may remember seeing a photo of the internal archway which divides the loungeroom from the learning room?
Well, it reminded me of a pizzeria and it's all good if that's your style, but it's not really mine. Plus, there was the issue of Brett knocking his 6ft6inches head on any part of it other than the
So it had to go.
Here's what it looked like before...

and from the other angle...

And (while it's not finished yet) here is what it is currently looking like...

A new steel lintel has been popped in where the arch once was.
Brett and his dad have rendered it (a timely process of its own!) and it has really opened up the space.
Once it is finished and there's paint on the walls, I think it will really make this a nice open and bright space.
More another time,
Lus x
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Cindy said...

We had one of those in our last house? Is that fake stick on brick? Not only did we have the fake brick on the arch we had a whole wall of it. We had to gut the room to get rid of it. It must have been a big thing in the 70/80s? Looks fabulous! The arches make the houses so dark!


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